Villa Jean Care Home 2 Contact: Noel
1239 W. Boston St., Chandler, AZ, 85224
PH: 623-239-2908,602-616-7800
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VNB Care Homes LLC is a private, for-profit limited liability company designed to provide residential community services to elderly persons who present with significant deficits in Activities of Daily Living. These deficits require that residents receive assistance in areas of daily functions such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, transfer, medication administration, oral hygiene, and other functions based on individual assessment at the time of admission and reflected in the Individual Service Plan. We have retained very experienced and caring staff, and will strive to make each resident's life at the Inn at Rialto Hills a deeply satisfying and fulfilling experience. The Inn at Rialto Hills is strategically located in a quiet neighborhood less than one mile from Chandler Regional Hospital, and less than one mile from Emergency Responders at Fire Station No. 8. It is also conveniently near medical and dental offices, restaurants, banks, the Chandler Fashion Center, and many other amenities in the community.
The Home is efficiently and practically designed to meet all the physical needs of the residents, and the program is designed to ensure that all residents' social and emotional needs are met as well. The Inn at Rialto Hills is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services as an Assisted Living Home to provide Directed Care Services for 4 elderly men and women. Each resident's bedroom is equipped with new, all-electric beds, bedside stands with a bell and lamp, a covered hamper, a chest of drawers, artwork and other amenities. There is laminate and tile flooring throughout the Home. Bathrooms are equipped with walk-in showers and grab bars, both in the showers and the toilet stools.
Our rates are very reasonable. Fees are contingent on the level of service being provided.
 Private Room 1 None
 Semi-Private Room 0 None
 Master Bedroom 1 Private
MEET OUR MEMBERS: .Dr. Vernon C. Nordmark-President. Dr. Josette C. Nordmark-Secretary. Bryan J. Nordmark-Vice-President & Facility Manager. Jenelyne Nordmark-Registered Nurse. The philosophy is based on the concepts of Normalization, Community Integration and Criterion of Ultimate Functioning. The members of VNB Care Homes LLC firmly believe that life is a process of change, that persons who are elderly, as well as all other persons, have potential for growth and change, that life changes and development progress in a sequential, logical and orderly manner, and that the rate of development change and progress can be positively influenced and affected through skilled and structured care, treatment and opportunity. Our philosophy and mission also incorporate the concept and practice of addressing resident goals and services which focus on maintaining and enhancing skills and behaviors which are necessary for optimal and productive living, that are valued by the resident and society, and which are appropriate to the resident's chronological age.
Please call Bryan at 602-405-4920 for more information. During the intake process, please mention to redeem $100.00 toward the first month's rent.